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Ace is the Head of Industry Partnerships and Business Development for ICMP in London (The Institute of Contemporary Performance).

He has been known in music education for many years since 1995, especially for workshops and guest lectures across Europe and the UK. From 2015-20 Ace was Director of Creative Industry Development for ACM and from 2005-8, Ace taught the live performance and A&R modules at the BIMM where he was a module leader and lead assessor. Previously he was a guest tutor for workshops internationally in such establishments as Altramusica, Platform One, MA2000, MMS and Access to Music and has an MA based in music education from London Middlesex University.

  As well as all this Ace is the founder and driving force behind The Ace Guitar Academy in Europe providing courses in beginners guitar formulated by using his own learning method.

South Korea




The Skankheads

My Ugly Boy

I Can Dream


Tear The Place Up

Selling Jesus

You Saved Me

Charlie Big Potato

God Loves Only You

Isle Of Wight


South Africa

Ace Guitar Academy@Altramusica


Masterclass Hosting at ACM

Tama Artists

Cherisse Osei & Emily Dolan Davies

Sandy Beales (One Direction)

Phil Campbell  (Motorhead)

Richard Shaw (Cradle of Filth)

George Clinton

Divinity Rox (Beyonce)

Carla Marie Williams

Frank Turner

Dave Cronen  (Trust managent)


Beanie (Rudamental)

Carleen Anderson (Young Disciples)

Chad Smith (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)

Rob Harris (Jamiroquai)

Rhianna Kenny (Robbie Williams)

Over The Love

Little Baby Swastikkka

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