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Production Showreel

Records Produced. Mixed. Mastered

Acesounds - Still Hungry LP.  Produced/Co-Mixed

SAL - Infatuation Mini LP.  Produced/Mixed/Mastered

King Prawn - Got The Thirst LP.  Produced/Co-Mixed

King Prawn - First Offence LP. Produced/Co-Mixed

King Prawn - Holy War EP. Produced/Co-Mixed

King Prawn - Day In Day Out Single. Remix

Until Escape - EP.  Produced/Co-Mixed/Mastered

Civilian -  Mask EP.  Produced/Co-Mixed/Mastered

I-koma -  Last Chance EP.  Produced/Co-Mixed

Car Crash Television - Mini LP.  Produced/Mixed/Mastered

Girschool - Crazy Single. Remix

Dikta - Hunting For Happiness LP.  Produced

Sonic Boom 6 - Sounds To Consume Mini LP. Produced/Co-Mixed

Sonic Boom 6 - Turbo Mini LP. Produced/Co-Mixed

Exxon Valdeze - Race Horses/Hotel Loners Single. Produced/Mixed/Mastered

Inner Mantra - Inner Mantra LP. Recorded/Produced/Mixed

Radiate - Stranger Than Fiction EP.  Produced/Co-Mixed

Tidal Mind - Mini LP. Produced/Co-Mixed

Multi Purpose Chemical - 4 More Ways To Fight LP.  Produced/Co-Mixed

Multi Purpose Chemical - Cult EP. Produced/Co-Mixed

Eaten By Sheiks - Our Last First Album LP.  Produced/Co-Mixed

Bitune - Debut EP.  Produced

Bitune -After The Fire LP. Produced

Dacia WMD- Dacia + The WMD LP. Produced

Caroline Alexander - Yellow Baby Single. Produced/Co-Mixed

Caroline Alexander - If You Single. Produced/Co-Mixed

Fletcher - My Revenge LP.  Produced/Co-Mixed

Fony - Shambles EP. Produced/Co-Mixed

Grand Oral - LP - Produced/Co-Mixed

Planet of Women - Waking Up The Neighborhood EP. Produced/Co-Mixed

Widescreen - Tailspin Single. Produced/Co-Mixed

Smilex - 7 LP. Produced/Mixed

Smilex - X Single Produced/Mixed/Mastered

Doll & The Kicks - Kiss to You Single. Mixed/Mastered

Black Flange Master - Tracks. Recorded/Produced/Mixed/Mastered

The Die Vibes - Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Single.  Produced/Co-Mixed

The Electric Flowers - Lies Single.  Produced/Co-Mixed

The Atlantic Heart - Atlantica EP. Produced/Co-Mixed

Holefull - LP tracks. Produced/Co-Mixed

Nikki Puppet – To Be Yourself LP. Produced

Your Army - Ignite LP. Produced

Your Army - Sicker Than Us - Produced

Demian - Waves LP - Produced

Annalie Wilson LP - Mastered

Tom Sears Howl LP - Co-Produced

Lost In Venice EP - Produced

Erika - Tracks mastered


Has recorded with producers:

Andy Wallace

Cliff Norrell

GGGarth Richardson

Silvia Massey

Chris Sheldon

Jeremy Wheatly

Andy Scarth

John Brough

John Smith

Willi Dameierer

Tom Dalgety

Cam Blackwood




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