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The Hotbird Pedal

After months of top secret experimentation in a workshop in Italy, VDL Analogics in conjunction with Ace from Skunk Anansie have created something really special to stomp on...


Now unveiled and available to the general public comes the 'Hot Bird' Distortion, Drive and Fuzz!

An all singing, all dancing powerhouse of infinite tones, the Hot Bird fulfils many desires of the tone hungry guitarist, from warm rich subtle drives to fat over the top filthy fuzz.


There are knobs galore and switches to create loads of really awesome custom and uniquely personal sounds with many variations of overdrive, distortion and retro fuzz.


The 'Hot Bird' boasts and all analogue circuitry and custom boutique etched housing which makes it a sound and design classic from the off.

After much research and experiment of drive and fuzz units, Ace honed in on what made the ultimate drive and tone, rich in harmonics to suit his acclaimed live and recording guitar sound.


At a chance meeting on tour he was introduced to Valerio Di Loreto of custom analogue studio gear makers VDL. Valerio also made pedals and the friendship was sealed. They worked together for months on the requirements of the sounds the 'Hot Bird' was to produce and the artwork of the casing that was to represent it.


Ace says, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. "Don't just let me rattle on like a spod telling you how much I love it and how it's going to change your life. Plug it in, on step on it and experience it for yourself. I'm sure you won't be disappointed."


“A fantastic feature of this

pedal is that it still retains

the original character of

the guitar when it’s applied.

A Strat still sounds like a Strat,

a Tele still sounds like a Tele!”

Dogstone Skull Ring

Signature PRS Guitar

The SE Ace Signature is the latest artist model to come from PRS. I have played PRS guitars for more than 15 years. My new signature SE is based on his American customized Singlecut and features a full depth solid Mahogany body and Maple cap which coupled with my choice of PRS SE 245 pickups give the guitar a classic combination of modern and vintage tones. The guitar is fully loaded featuring a PRS trem, Wide/thin neck carve, PRS old school bird inlays, available only in  “ Ace Black” complimented by a fully bound neck, body and headstock.  My signature is featured on the headstock and my famous Swallow sticker is included in the gigbag.  A limited first run of just 180 of these great guitars are available exclusively in Europe.


“I worked closely with PRS to get the specs as close as my possible to my original so players could experience a true signature model and what I feel when I play.

I am totally blown away by my new SE Ace signature. Not only does it look like my favourite PRS, it plays just like it too. When I first plugged it in, I couldn’t believe the quality tone and the playability - the sound coming out of the amp was awesome!  I recorded some Skunk Anancie tracks and it sat in the track just as well as my US PRS Singlecut! Since I started the Ace Guitar Academy, and now as part of the ACM, I’ve wanted a guitar that is affordable for younger players, but one that is a proper instrument that can be toured and used in the studio 

Ace Guitar Academy

....Well, does it mean you've arrived when you have your very own skull ring? From Lemmy to Keith Richards, it's always been a trademark symbol of the fingers that are making the music.


A while ago I posted on my Facebook that every great guitarist should own a cool skull ring....

The prophecy was foretold when Dogstone London dropped me a line through a mutual friend and said that they wanted to design and build me my very own personal skull ring...


So a couple of conversations later the Ace Skull Ring was conceived.

The philosophy behind it was that I was reared on the early 80's Motörhead LP of the Ace of Spades, being the first concert I went to and the one that started me playing the guitar in the first place.

Dogstone produce some pretty deadly skulls in their range from which they modified and coupled with their own concept on the design that they envisioned for my unique personality. 

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